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You'll love this fun new Bible cookbook!

Imagine treating your family and friends to delicious, authentic foods from
the Bible! Sharing meals together was an important part of the fellowship
between early Christians, but most people nowadays have never tasted
these delicious foods from the ancient Holy Land!

In "Eat Like Jesus!" you'll discover how to make special feasts like the one
where Jesus turned the water into wine! You'll learn to make a traditional
Passover meal! You'll get the recipes for unleavened bread, Jacob and
Esau's pottage, and the prodigal son's "fatted calf"! And you'll enjoy dozens
more simple to follow recipes that make it easy to prepare tasty, ancient
delights from Bible times!

"Eat Like Jesus!" offers you over 70 simple to follow, delicious recipes!
You'll learn to make delicious, authentic Bible foods of all kinds: tasty

salads, savory side-dishes, delightful desserts, and wonderful main dishes! Whether you're entertaining in your home, making
goodies for the kids, or taking food to a pot-luck or church dinner, you'll find the perfect delicious Bible dishes in this beautifully
illustrated book!

In addition to these fabulous recipes, you’ll find fascinating stories about the part these foods played in the lives of the people in the
Bible, along with the biblical customs and history that relate to each food, and the Bible verses where each food is mentioned! You
can share the stories along with the delicious food you'll create! And there's also a section of fun children's activities with Bible
foods! It's a great way to get the little ones interested in the Bible!

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Eat Like Jesus!

Just $14.95 + $2.95 shipping & handling